President Kennedy Assassination, 1963

A Photo that Should have Changed the World, but didn’t

President Kennedy Assassination, 1963

President Kennedy Assassination, 1963 (Source:

Yes, this is my second photo post on “Photographs that have Changed the World topic.” This photo originally came to mind for this assignment, but I struggled with the “changing the world” objective. I decided that I needed to post this just to get it off my mind.

I remember this photo of the President Kennedy assassination from when I was a child. It was probably the first photograph to jolt my sense of innocence, and sense of living in a safe world. I didn’t originally post this photo because I decided it should have changed the world, but didn’t. At least not in the way it should have changed the world.

We still have crazy people walking the streets with assault rifles killing innocent children. Politicians believe it is more important to protect second amendment rights to carry a gun, than protecting a citizen’s right to not get shot. According to the U.S. Center for Disease Control, there were 31,347 deaths in 2009 due to firearms, and firearms remain a leading cause of death in the U.S., particularly among youth ( I just don’t get why “we” Americans tolerate this.